5 Unique Point and Shoot Film Cameras

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I love having a mixture of point-and-shoot film cameras in with the rest of my collection. They all create different types of images and have different stand-out features. I love a Polaroid for its immediacy, the Chinon Intrafocus for its infrared, and the Holga for the fact that it shoots 120 film.

The following are some unique point-and-shoot film cameras that also happen to be rather reasonably priced.

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Reto 3D 35mm Film Camera 

 The Reto 3D is one of those film cameras that takes three shots at the same time from slightly different angles. When stitched together into a GIF, the three images make a scene look 3D. It’s a style that’s otherwise pretty difficult to replicate.

The camera itself is very easy to use. It doesn’t even require any focusing, which is why it’s the perfect item for kicking off this list of unique point-and-shoot film cameras.

Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Camera 

 Lomography’s Simple Use Reloadable Camera looks just like a one-time use disposable camera. But as the name suggests, it’s actually reloadable. I have one and love how small it is compared to all of my other point-and-shoot cameras. It actually fits in my purse, so I just leave it in there and always have a camera with me whether I actually remembered to bring one or not.

The camera also has a unique feature in that they included some tiny gels that can be put over the flash for playing around with color. They’re attached to the camera so all you have to do is swipe and shoot. This reloadable camera also comes preloaded with one roll of Lomography film.

Holga 120 Panoramic Pinhole Camera

 The Holga cameras are fun because they’re super easy to use and shoot 120 films for a unique format size. It’s also a great camera for practicing double exposures. If you simply just don’t wind the camera (or you wind it just halfway) you’ll enter into the double exposure zone.

This version of the Holga is a panoramic pinhole one, with a horizontal exposure angle reaching as wide as 120 degrees. It’s also possible to get an adaptor that will allow for shooting 35mm film with the camera as well.

KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Okay, technically this camera is a digital camera. But the KODAK Printomatic automatically prints out full 2×3 prints. It uses Kodak Zinc printing paper which doesn’t require ink, toners, or film. Trippy.

It’s great for events or situations where you want to be able to keep or give away some instant memories. The camera is also sold in a variety of very cute colors, so you can’t really go wrong.


The Grand Canyon Polaroid Camera

UPDATE: Sold out since publishing.

Not only does this Polaroid camera look really cool, but it’s vintage and some of its proceeds go to a good cause.

The Grand Canyon Polaroid camera was created for a partnership between Retrospekt and Parks Project in celebration of the Grand Canyon National Park’s 100 year anniversary. The Polaroid is made from refurbished parts from vintage Polaroid 600 cameras, so the run is a limited one with only 100 of them in existence.

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