Shooting With the Canon AE-1


I’ve been shooting with a Canon AE-1 since when I was in high school when my grandfather thoughtfully passed his along. I’ve heard the 35mm film camera referred to as the Toyota

Communities for Independent Filmmakers


As an independent filmmaker—or anyone hoping to advance in the entertainment industry—having access to networks, educational resources, and advancement opportunities is crucial. For me, not initially coming from a filmmaking world, the

L.A. Duos Making Beautiful Cinematic Music


Each of these artist duos has a completely different sound—and story—but they all deliver sounds that are beautiful, sometimes haunting, always cinematic. Sonically explorative, dreamy, sometimes otherworldly. When I hear these artists

Artists Making Music About Los Angeles

When it comes to songs about Los Angeles there are endless classics. Randy Newman “I Love L.A.” , Tom Petty “Free Fallin'”, Weezer “Beverly Hills”, BB King “Back in LA,” Guns N’

12 Los Angeles Based Solo Artists

This post is a collection of 11—rather different but all interesting—Los Angeles based solo artists. Most of them are singer/songwriters (if not all.) Some are with labels, some aren’t. They’re each telling

5 Bands With Different Sounds

The following five bands have unique sounds…plus all the infectious passion and energy to deliver it. Of course, their stories are also different, but a common theme with some has been blowing

Places to Take Filmmaking Classes in Austin


For Austin-based filmmakers (or those who would like to become filmmakers), the city offers up a variety of accessible, highly educational, hands-on filmmaking classes. In this case, we’re focusing on classes that

Interview: Mr. Yes


“Mr. Yes’ music is for…new born babies, sweet sixteeners, for that cleaning lady in the hotel, for that hot babysitter that your wife doesn’t  want you to hire…”

The World Needs Your Art

You don’t need to know whether your art your will change the blueprints of the world or whether it will touch one single person. It’s all the same.