Tegan and Sara’s ‘High School’ Memoir Set to be a TV Series

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Tegan and Sara’s memoir High School will soon be made into a TV series as well. The Canadian sister band duo released the memoir last year, which details their experience of growing up and finding their respective musical voices.

The memoir has now been adapted by Clea DuVall and is currently in development at Amazon’s free streaming service IMDb TV.  Tegan and Sara, as well DuVall are producing alongside Plan B Entertainment.

DuVall will also direct the pilot of the coming-of-age comedy series, which is said to be set against “a backdrop of Nineties grunge and rave culture,” as the story explores “ finding your own identity.”

While DuVall is perhaps best known for her acting roles (She’s All ThatBut I’m a CheerleaderGirl, InterruptedIdentity21 GramsThe Grudge, Zodiac, Argo, and more!) she made her feature directorial debut in 2016 with The Intervention, which she also wrote and co-produced.

Alongside the 2019 release of the High School book, Tegan and Sara also released their ninth album called Hey, I’m Just Like You. The fun twist about it? It includes songs that the Quin sisters wrote as teens in the 1990’s. (Although they re-recorded the songs to re-release them!)


While fun for us to listen to, Sara was initially worried about pulling their old songs back out. Despite the fact that after being signed by PolyGram Records at the age of 18 in 1998, the duo went on to tour with Neil Young and win various awards, including three Juno Awards.

“I was afraid that I would hear something that I would be embarrassed by or ashamed of. When I finally did listen, I was struck by the joy in our voices in our early recordings…we were great, and we were writing these really sophisticated, adventurous songs as teenagers. And that was why we ended up signing a record deal as teenagers and starting our career.”

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