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Kate Ferguson Divvy Mag

Oh hey! If you’ve been here before you might be wondering why Divvy Mag is now…a blog named after me??

Yeah, so, I rebranded.

Don’t worry…all the Divvy Mag content is still here—improved actually—and ultimately I think this will better allow me to keep sharing it. 

Divvy Mag needed a bit of life in it, and you know who the life of the party is in this operation?

It’s me.

I’ve independently run Divvy since day one, save for the very occasional guest writing post or times I’ve messed up my site map and had to hire an SEO person to do clean up. 

For years* I’ve been confused, and pondering, and not able to figure out which way I should go with blogging. I want it to be worthwhile, and fun. I kept wondering, how can I make this feel right? 

Should I just do more personal blogging on Divvy? (But Divvy has totally separate social media than me, which makes sharing posts and brand deals overly complicated.) Should I just blog on my personal website? (But my website is showcasing my work, not just a blog. And then I’m kind of hiding and not connecting with the people and partnerships who are already in on Divvy.) Should I just create another blog entirely? (What and then manage 10,000 websites? No thank you.) BTW I did literally try all of these things. And none it felt right.

My thinking, overthinking, and rethinking about this has really been quite similar to the process I’ve gone through in certain situations like leaving jobs, or ending relationships. While I’m quick to make certain decisions, I have, historically, been a bit slow to the draw with the ones that feel gigantic.

I’ve done a lot of focusing on the good, of which there is always a lot, but I’ve also turned some blind eyes to things that aren’t working, and in that process neglecting to acknowledge the simple fact that changes might be in order. The “if it’s not a f**k yes then it’s a no” thing, if you will. 

There was a lot of good in Divvy as it was. It’s a great example of my work, which I always share when I’m in the market for social media clients. I get an outrageous amount of pitches every day, which means that publicists think it’s a reasonable place to pitch their clients. (Although that only means so much. I’ve worked as a publicist, I know what it’s like out there.) 

I also get invited to a lot of events, some of which are very interesting. Am I going to lose some of those invites in the process of rebranding? I have no idea. Maybe. Maybe some people will be less interested in getting That’sRandomKate to blog about their art gallery opening than what they perceived to have value as a digital magazine. Or maybe that’s not true at all. Maybe things will become more aligned. 

I’m now curious to see what happens when I prioritize creating high quality content with my own voice front and center—and realistically expect that the blog better merge with my life and work. 

I have a feeling that in the long run, this way is going to more fun for you, and I think it’s going to be much better suited to me.

The only blog posts that I ever get contacted about are the ones where I’m telling a random story anyway. From what I gather, you don’t want generic stuff. Why would you? Neither do I. 

I could go into all the nitty gritty about web traffic, blog growth, the time involved, and the finances of it all, (actually I’ll probably do that in another blog post,) but more than anything this comes down to what lights me up. 

What really feels like me. 

For a long time, I think the things that really feel like me also scared the sh*t out of me. Not that it’s stopped me from doing them exactly, but it also has not stopped me from crowding and cluttering them with things that didn’t really need to be there. This blog rebrand is one step on a very long journey I’ve been on in removing those things, and allowing space for myself.

This is about growth.

ThatsRandomKate is going to be all the things Divvy was, appreciative of the arts, inspired, lots of good news. But it’s also going be a little more personal, include a little more depth, and in some cases, be a little more funny. 

I hope you’ll stick around and spend some time with me here. I’m a little scared (you shouldn’t be), but I’m also really excited, and generally when I feel both of those things at once it means that something interesting is happening.

Let’s find out!

**When I say I’ve been pondering this for years, I mean I’ve been pondering this for years. I have a lot of written proof. Journaling, dream depictions, and attempted (unpublished) blog posts of me trying to sort through this confusion about Divvy Mag vs a personal blog over, and over, and over. I knew that something should change, but I wasn’t yet at the point where I could consider this change.

So how did my aha, “I’ve got it, and I’m ready” moment arise? In the midst of animal reiki class. But that’s another story for another time.

Talk soon,


I'm Kate Ferguson, an L.A.-based Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Social Media Strategist, and Blogger at, right here, That's Random Kate! (Previously Divvy Mag.) I love storytelling in its various forms, growth, shooting 35mm film, learning super random facts, building community, and admiring palm trees. Find me on Instagram: @KateFerg. (Where there will definitely be 35mm photos of palm trees.)

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