Unique and Creative Instagram Accounts We Love

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There are a lot of Instagram accounts out there, and plenty of them that get well-deserved attention for being awesome. However, we happen to be big fans of some really interesting accounts that are, shall we say, a bit niche. All of these accounts have a few thousand followers at most so odds are good you’ll see something new here.

That being said, hit us up if you have any suggestions that you think we might like and we’ll keep adding to this list of unique and creative Instagram accounts. 🙂


We don’t know anything about who runs this “material prosperity” Instagram account other than the fact that it’s Philadelphia based and clever AF. Think high fashion and artistic images with economic statements as captions like “hyperinflation.” We’re not entirely sure what’s going on but we just really love it.


The info: BR@IN the artist shoots mostly at night with high flash. We’ve been following this creative Instagram account for a long time out of total curiosity and have watched it change over time. These days it’s tiled out pretty heavily and theming on movies, sort of? Well enjoyed as a scroll through account.


That’s 13 underscores, just FYI. Toxic Kid is taking photos and doing collages. A lot of the creative Instagram content seen here is technically minimal, however, there are a lot of colors and mood in it and not a whole lot of starkness, which makes it a whole different type of minimal. Like, a warm minimal?


Perhaps we’re drawn to mystery, but we also don’t know anything about Mercedes Faulkenberry except that she posts some hot fashion that’s sometimes for sale. We’re into her creative Instagram aesthetic, recognize some of our own taste in it, and feel like we’d probably be friends if we knew where to find her.


A music page for Carter Ace who’s really got a cool thing going on. The moods. His imagery comes from a a few different photographers including David M. Smith, Irida Mete, and Lauren Dunn, all of which cohesively represent him as an artist that we’re interested to watch.

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