Interview: R&B/Pop Artist Chloe Tang

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Chloe Tang is yet another artist that I first heard thanks to Spotify’s suggestion algorithm. (That handy streaming service sure introduces me to some hits.) I got really into Chloe’s song “Hype,” and eventually reached out to interview the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter.

Let’s get to know Chloe Tang.

I’d love to hear about how you got started in music and what you’re up to.

The short version is- I have ALWAYS loved music, specifically pop music. I remember being in 2nd and 3rd grade learning how to play and sing Avril Lavigne songs on my guitar. I’ve also played classical piano since I was 5 and took a lot of music lessons growing up. I went to an arts school, took choir, band, all that stuff.

Then I started writing songs and realized how much I love it. I ended up going to college for songwriting and I started trying to set myself up to be able to make music full time through being a songwriter and artist. Right now, my every day is what people in LA call “the grind”- for me that means working multiple part-time day jobs and doing writing sessions and meetings in my free time.

I really don’t have much of a social life but I honestly love it. I have been releasing my own music independently and just doing all I can for my career on a daily basis.

I can relate! I love your song “Hype.” Do you pull from real-life when you write?

Thank you! I always write about real-life experiences. It’s kind of my thing haha. Sometimes I just wish there was a way to make real feelings (that sometimes aren’t all that romantic) mainstream.

I want to normalize experiences that are normal, so people don’t have to be ashamed of being human! That being said, I definitely have some songs where I let my alter ego (she doesn’t have a name yet but she’s a badass bitch) shine through and that can be really fun too.

Tell me about your writing process. Do you get random inspiration or is it pretty easy for you to stay in a creative space?

Creativity has become a practice for me now that I write so much. I used to just live my normal teenage life then write a song when I was really in the zone. But now I do it pretty much every day so I have to practice being aware of my emotions in order to properly communicate them through a song. It’s more about being in touch with myself because I really think good music can only come from genuine feelings. It can be emotionally tiring but the more I do it, the easier it gets.

Tell me about the latest single “Take Care”

This song has a very different vibe that what I usually write. It’s really upbeat and happy and I write one of those kinds of songs once in a blue moon…it’s a love song. At the time I was feeling grateful and I just let it kinda flow out of me. It was one of those songs that came so naturally and I hope that shows.


Performing anywhere?

Hopefully! I’m working on booking some shows soon but none officially yet. Keep an eye out on my social media for updates!

Dream collaborations?

This is about to get real. Ok, here we go: Rihanna, Denzel Curry, Rich Brian, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, Bruno Major….and this producer named Stelios.

What’s next?

I’m working on an album!!! Very early stages but I’m excited to keep sharing music.

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