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musician Mr. Yes

I’d like to introduce you to an artist named Mr. Yes, an elusive character who’s newly creating music that is anything but. There is intentionally some mystery surrounding the person or people behind the artist’s work, which simply leaves more room for feeling the immense amount of clarity and intention in his music.

I do, of course, know the identity behind Mr. Yes. But most importantly am excited to share his new music and this interview with you.

First off, who is Mr. Yes? 

Mr. Yes is neither male nor female. This musical entity identifies only as a SOUND. A sound with the sole purpose of connecting to the primal rhythmic senses of all races, ages, and genders from around the world. You may never see Mr. Yes but you’re guaranteed to always FEEL Mr. Yes.

Mr. Yes is a sound for the people. Mr. Yes is the type of sound that gets its ultimate satisfaction by making people HAPPY. Mr. Yes is the type of sound that you would want to bring home to mom. Mr. Yes is definitely a sound that wants to be in the background while you’re at a pool or on a long road trip.

Mr. Yes believes in the good in people and believes this type of music will always touch them, no matter who or where they are. Mr. Yes also believes rules are made to be broken and it’s ok to be different. Before any project it starts, Mr. Yes tells itself …”No Rules!” so it’s open to receive all the colorful frequencies.

That covers a lot of ground. How would you describe your music style? 

Mr. Yes is fusion of House, African, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Dance and EDM will leave you feeling as if you were just dipped in a melting pot of cultures.

It’s like the thrill of riding the highest roller coaster. It’s that feeling of the deep vibrations from a west African tribal celebration. It’s that feeling of falling in love…(which never gets old btw), or that feeling of jumping off the highest cliff. That feeling of catching that solid 10ft swell back to the shoreline.

Bold. So why are you releasing music now? 

There’s no better time than the present. Mr. Yes believes it was created to fill a void left by ungrateful naysayers and lazy copycats that only follow the trends. Mr. Yes follows no one except the universal human heartbeat. Mr. Yes truly believes it was born to do it. And music is not only Mr. Yes’s entity but also destiny.

Plus Mr. Yes just loves to make people shake their hips Lol.  In this moment in time Mr. yes believes to world needs this sound.

What inspires you as an artist?

Three simple things…

World travel.

Good home cooking.

Sweet sweet love-making.

What inspires you as a person? 

As a sound, Mr. Yes is able to feel the frequency of other sounds around the world. Mr. Yes is able to receive, learn and keep this feeling in its DNA forever.  This, and this alone, is how Mr. Yes makes music. Mr. Yes captures those feelings into every song produced.

Do you write your own music?

LOL shit…

Is the sky blue? Is grass green? Is water wet? Is the heart red?

You damn right Mr. Yes writes its own music. Believe that!

Who is your music for?

Mr. Yes music is for…

Newborn babies,

Sweet sixteeners,

For that cleaning lady in the hotel,

For that hot babysitter that your wife doesn’t want you to hire.

For that nerdy 13 year old who loves to dance,

For all grandparents who are young at heart,

For the middle-age office man that’s praying for his watch to strike 5 o’clock,

For the nightclub ravers,

For all those dirty hippies who only want to dance barefoot.

For the nonstop semi-truckers,

For the stay at home housewives,

For the swagged-out soulful people in the projects,

For the uptight and need to let loose suburbanites,

For the blue collar greasy hands machine workers who need something to through the day.

For people from the countryside, all the way to island vibes, my music is for them ALL.

How do you know when a song is done?

It’s something that you feel. It hits that right frequency.  And if you don’t know… then you’ll never know.

Is creating ever scary for you?

Mr. Yes wouldn’t call it scary. Of course, there’s a fear of the unknown. But once you’re able to embrace that fear and channel it to positive power. That’s when your creation is born.

Truth. Where can we hear you? 

The debut EP “Because Yes” is out now and you can find anything you need to know on the official Mr. Yes website, and on Twitter @MysteriousMrYes. Listen to Mr. Yes on Spotify.


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