Co-Living/Co-Working Spaces for the Digital Nomad

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The digital nomad is an interesting concept. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of how things were done even a decade ago. Digital nomads not only have the freedom to work flex hours or totally remotely, but they take advantage of the opportunity to hit the road while doing so.

Of course, in doing this you always have the option to simply book a flight and hotel room wherever you please, but there are a lot of live/work spaces out there that bring like-minded people together. This can enhance the experience in a variety of ways, as well as make it more affordable.

As someone who works remotely, I hope to incorporate a bit more of this into my life, which is why I’ve done a lot of research on the topic! Here are some of the more interesting co-living/co-working opportunities I’ve come across.


Outsite is a membership program that gives you access to 13 co-working homes all over the world. They currently have properties in spots like Puerto Rico, Venice Beach, Hawaii, San Diego, New York, Lake Tahoe, and Bali. With a yearly membership, you get access to rooms for prices that are cheaper than a hotel room. Rooms can also be rented by the week.

All of the homes are absolutely gorgeous, and since everyone is there to live/work you can expect to find an environment that’s conducive to getting work done. When you’re traveling alone there’s also the added benefit of having the community around. Get insights on local activities from the people who have been staying there, and enjoy the company of the new friends you’ll ideally be making.

Remote Year

If you’re interested in committing to a long portion of time on the go, Remote Year might be a good option to look into. The program takes a certain amount of people each year, who commit to the journey and move together between a few countries over the course of the program.

Everyone is working remotely along the way so there is always wi-fi and workspace available. In the off hours, there are organized group activities for exploring and adventuring in the amazing locations like Mexico, Thailand, Serbia etc. They recently added a four-month program as well if doing a whole year sounds like too much.


With Roam you essentially pay $500 a week to get access to the properties that are located in places like Miami, Bali, Tokyo, San Francisco, and London. They have beautiful living spaces, awesome workspaces, and great groups of people that come together to enjoy the experience. They offer group activities that are meant to both introduce everyone to the community at hand, as well as make lasting connections with their temporary roommates.

Of course, the cost of travel plays into this digital nomad lifestyle fairly significantly, but if you’re hoping to travel anyway ditching the normal rent while you do it can be a good way to free up some travel cash.

There are also a variety of co-working/co-living spaces that are specific to certain towns. Some of these options are listed below:

  • Sun and Co. covering the Mediterranean Coast

  • A Landing Pad in Barcelona

  • 20Mission in Colombia

  • Coworking in the Sun in Tenerife, Spain

  • St. Oberholz in Berlin

  • The Collective in London

  • KoHUB in Thailand

  • SunDesk in Morocco

  • Nomad Life in Nicaragua


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