Jordan Wiseley Answers a Bunch of Random Questions

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A black and white photo of Jordan Wiseley.

Jordan Wiseley Answers a Bunch of Random Questions

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You might know Jordan Wiseley from MTV. He first appeared on the Real World and since then has demonstrated a knack for performing well on their Challenge competition reality shows. (And sometimes winning.)

You might also know Wiseley’s traditional acting from TV shows like Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Was Wrong. He’s also a designer and founded a clothing line called Strapped Mfg, as well as recently produced his first film called The Stalking Fields.

He also sings, frequently releasing covers with his girlfriend, another MTV alum, Tori Deal.

We recently asked L.A. resident Jordan Wiseley a bunch of random questions…

…and here’s what he had to say.

When is the last time you cried?

Last week watching a movie lol. I couldn’t tell you the movie/show because I watch a lot and I cry often. But I love great film making and getting in my feels.

Do you think Deja vu is meaningful or just a brain glitch? 

Its a brain glitch. Our brains are capable of building almost anything including new memories. It cannot, however, tell the future.

How do you feel about Kanye West? 

He miiiiight be an entertainment genius. Or a mad scientist but it’s too early to tell for sure.

Would you consider yourself a good liar?

When I have to be.

What is the best tool for poking a new hole in a belt? 

The best tool is the specialized “punch” for the size hole, but a good home remedy is a nail or screw and a hammer.


What makes you feel vulnerable? 

When I have little knowledge about something, especially important subjects.

Do you collect anything? 

I don’t, yet.

Is there a physical item that most defined your childhood home?

Either a dirtbike or a baseball. Or dirt, lots of dirt.

What kind of smart are you? 

Street smart. Growing up with one hand I had to learn how ‘get along’ without looking/seeming different.

Do you think anyone knows if they are not smart? 


Favorite fruit?

Fresh Mango.

Do you have a first memory? 

I don’t, just a blur of memories from a lower vantage point.

What’s your favorite item of clothing?

A perfectly soft, vintage tee.

Do you regret giving away any material items? 

No way. You can always buy more shit.

How often do you feel psychic? 


What makes you angry?

Unnecessary steps. Or watching the way humans treat each other, that sucks.

What’s the best cartoon? 

I’m a big Tom and Jerry fan from way back.

What’s the longest you’ve slept in one stretch? 

Maybe 14-16 hrs?

What makes you feel strong?

Literally, working out. My body is a slave to repetition so I have to stay active to be releasing those good endorphins.

Sushi or Mexican?

Sushi for a date but Mexican for a party!

How do you feel about mismatched socks?

I don’t understand how people live that way. I have to match them.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

I think above all of the physical feats or accomplishments one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is to break someone’s heart. Love is such a beautiful thing when it’s balanced but hurts like nothing else when it’s not.

What’s the easiest…yet still meaningful…thing you’ve ever done? 

Paid off my student loans in a lump sum. Be Gone!

How often do you think “wow I’ve changed”

Lol maybe a few times a month.

What motivates you? 


What was your most surprising major life change? 

Following an entertainment career to NYC and now LA.

Do you feel successful? 

I still have a lot of dreams left to catch.

What time do you go to bed? 

11 pm.

What do you eat for breakfast? 

Anything involving eggs and bacon.

What’s your favorite plant? 

If we’re talking practicality here, I’m going with marijuana.

Favorite workout? 

Outside with weights and a good cardio piece.

Least favorite workout? 

Anything involving a thruster.

What time of day do you feel most productive? 


If you didn’t ever have to think about money ever again what would you do?

I would create an environment such that my closest peers and I could create to our hearts’ content.

What is creativity?

Freedom for the soul.

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