11 Fall-Inspired Home Goods Items

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I’m about ready for some new home goods. I moved three times within quarantine, and each time I moved there was new decorating to be done. Not that it needed to be done, but my tastes were changing and my style was evolving alongside the shifts in the physical space I was inhabiting.

I’ve been rather settled in my current spot for about six months or so, but as I’ve started to feel some hints of fall on these L.A. mornings I’ve also started thinking about more ways to reflect that in my space. Of course there will be some candles. And maybe a new cozy couch blanket for binge-watching random indie features on Amazon Prime.

The following interior decor items have also caught my eye. They all feel fun and seasonally appropriate without veering into the territory of themed or holiday. Which means it’s not too early to start bringing these beautiful babies home.

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‘Love Handles’ Orange Ceramic Vase

orange vase fall


This Anissa Kermiche orange vase, entitled ‘Love Handles’ (what else!) is the perfect pop of orange for fall. (And a great way to keep some feminine curves on full display all year round.)

It’s fun, it’s beautiful…and it’s going to look even better with a single stem of something gorgeous from the farmer’s market. Or even a low-maintenance silk flower. (I love a low-maintenance silk flower.)


‘Witchcraft’ Book from TASCHENwitchcraft coffee table book

In October TASCHEN is releasing Witchcraft, the latest book in a series called The Library of Esoterica. Just in time for the Halloween season. TASCHEN is always knocking it out of the park with their gorgeous coffee table books, and this one is no different. Witchcraft dives into the magickal tradition of witches, from their ancient roots to the more modern incarnations.

The book includes more than 400 artworks as well as revelatory essays and interviews with modern practitioners. At 500 pages long, it chronicles a cathartic evolution, from the craft’s emergence in ancient goddess worship to the embrace by today’s diverse witch community.

Call if a conversation starter.


Wicker Wine Glasses


goblet wine glass fall

Is it just me or are these wine glasses giving off some seriously chic goblet vibes?

The LSA International Wicker Wine Glass has the perfect amount of style and uniqueness without looking out of place alongside a general set of wine glasses.

Mix in a duo with what you’ve already got, or create a whole set. Either way, the fall wine (or juice) drinking will definitely be elevated.

Rich Chestnut Velvet Bedspread

velvet bedspread fall
If fall isn’t the best time to bring home a new chestnut velvet bedspread, I don’t know what is. This one from Lexington is just absolutely stunning with a smooth lay and fringe detail on the edges.
It’s an easy and impactful way to turn the bedroom into a sexy, cozy spot for the cooler months. This particular bedspread also comes in other deeper colors like blue and dark grey, as well as classic lights like pink and beige. All cotton velvet, all hotel-inspired. Can’t really go wrong with any of them.

The Brooklyn Bakery Candle

fall Brooklyn christmas candle


The Lolo James Harper Brooklyn Bakery Candle is technically a Christmas candle, but with its amber glass holder, no one is going to spot it as such.

I say bring out the candle and its sweet scent story “of spices, cinnamon and cakes” as soon you darn well feel like it. But really all of their candles are interesting amazing.

Other options include scents of coffee shops, vinyl stores, and “woody” offices. All very fall-ready if you ask me.

Wool Blend Throw Pillow

wool fall throw pillowI love everything about Pendleton’s Chief Joseph Wool-blend Cushion. I love the colors, the design, the way it feels like I might find it in a cozy cabin somewhere.

And even better…it was designed to commemorate one of the Northwest’s greatest Nez Perce warriors, Chief Joseph, in keeping with Pendleton’s longstanding collaboration with and commitment to Native American communities.

Checked Flannel Duvet Cover

flannel duvet cover
There’s something about a good checked-out bed set that feels a lot like fall.
This duvet cover from Lexington is a warm flannel made from cashmere and soft cotton for super soft, brushed surface. Its light, neutral color scheme makes it an easy pick any time of the year…but especially when it’s time for cozier sleeps to be had.

12 Votive Candle Holder

12 votive holder
This Jan Barboglio 12-Votive Firedance Railroad Votive Holder is the perfect subtle centerpiece for a fall dining room table—whether it’s surrounded by friends or enjoyed solo.
Each Jan Barboglio piece is cut, fashioned, forged, and finished by hand…so you know it’s meant to be long-loved.

Sierra Wood Bottle Coaster

bottle coaster


The Sierra Wood Bottle Coaster by Mary Jurek is six inches in diameter, leaving just the right amount of space to fit some wines or a bottle of liquor.

I love how it’s a functional item but also adds some interest to the space, and the wood rim is the perfect look for a fall season happy hour.

Neutral Wool Blanket

wool fall blanket

Pendelton has tons of gorgeous wool blankets that both look amazing layered with a bedspread and are so warm for the cooler months.

The pictured Fossil Springs Wool-blend Blanket in Ivory Multi brings in some color and texture while still falling into a neutral zone.

Dark Yellow Glass Mug


This dark yellow glass mug from H&M is as simple as can be and yet so stylish at the same time. I love the color and the size for a little midday warmup.

(I start my day with a pretty large mug of coffee, I’ll be honest, but for any subsequent sips or evening teas, this size is ideal.)

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