Quarantine Has Changed Downtown Culver City (For Good)

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downtown culver city

Downtown Culver City may never be the same, and in it’s in a really good way. When quarantine took effect many Los Angeles restaurants either shuttered for the time being or pivoted to offering some al fresco dining. The latter of which depends on having outdoor space to set up shop. For some that means serving up fewer diners on a patio space. For others, it might mean turning a parking lot into a patio.

Downtown Culver City is now a thriving outdoor plaza

In downtown Culver City they’ve taken things a step further. They’re also allowing for dining on sidewalks, and even shutting down streets. Currently, the westbound lane of traffic on Culver Boulevard is closed to most vehicle traffic, (one lane has been kept open for buses, bicycles, and emergency vehicles),  while Main Street has been entirely closed to vehicle traffic.

Main Street is fully open for restaurants, businesses, and the Tuesday Farmers Market, with some permanent changes being implemented.

According to Darrel Menthe, the president of Culver City’s Downtown Business Association, the area is not only safer, but thriving. And they intend to keep up the community support after quarantine is over.

“Even after the pandemic eventually ends and society is able to return to ‘normal,’ the impact of this transformation will endure. We will have saved the existing business community, and we can be sure that Downtown Culver City will be forever changed and improved.”

Does this mean more permanent opportunities for outdoor dining? Let’s hope so. It’s sunny L.A. after all!

Bill Sasiela, co-owner of Piccalilli, shared that the quick action has allowed him to keep his business running on downtown’s Main Street.

“Our ability to work with the Culver City DBA and City departments to get additional street and outdoor dining space has been critical to the survival of our business during this extended period of social distancing restrictions. It was tremendous to see how quickly everyone involved worked together to make this a reality for businesses such as ours.”

And if you’re looking a spot to do Halloween…downtown Culver City will be celebrating on both October 30 and 31. Anyone who eats at a participating restaurant on those days while donning a costume will get a sweet treat. It might not be a year for traditional trick or treating of full-on spooky partying, but…it’s something!

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