Interesting Motels Along Route 66

Route 66—the iconic Mother Road of the country. Originally built in 1926 and running from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, CA, the highway became one of the most famous roads in the

L.A. Duos Making Beautiful Cinematic Music


Each of these artist duos has a completely different sound—and story—but they all deliver sounds that are beautiful, sometimes haunting, always cinematic. Sonically explorative, dreamy, sometimes otherworldly. When I hear these artists

Artists Making Music About Los Angeles

When it comes to songs about Los Angeles there are endless classics. Randy Newman “I Love L.A.” , Tom Petty “Free Fallin'”, Weezer “Beverly Hills”, BB King “Back in LA,” Guns N’

Destinations on My Dream Travel List

After some recent (incredible) travels I’ve been feeling inspired to book some more international trips. The following are some of the many destinations on my dream travel list—and pretty specific ones at