World Oneness Day: an Hour-Long Global Virtual Live Online Event

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World oneness day
Photo by EKAM Oneness Field

We’re coming up to World Oneness Day on March 7, where millions of people will be coming together (remotely!) with the intention of working on world oneness.

From EKAM’s official website:

“At the heart of all problems in the world is division and separation- be it political problems, economic problems, wars, poverty, communal violence, corruption, ecological problems. And to find innumerable solutions that are necessary for the world’s problems- the solution has to begin with consciousness; which is a return in consciousness from division and separation to oneness. This is the way.

It is only when there is an increasing shift in human consciousness towards oneness, we will be able to find solutions to all existing problems. And those solutions will be enduring solutions; not solutions that will create further problems, but solutions that will pave way for further solutions.

Oneness is a space from which we can discover true solutions. There cannot be solutions from a divided consciousness. Consciousness has to lead change. And a consciousness that is awakened to Oneness alone can bring about this change. And it is for this, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are launching the ‘World Oneness Day’ on the 7th of March, which will be an hour-long global virtual live online event.”

I’ve personally been meditating with the Oneness community for…14 years? 15? For that entire time (and probably longer), they’ve held meditation and Deeksha giving conference calls from India, and in non-Covid times, in-person events. (I once went to a week-long silent retreat somewhere out in the desert, which was a real trip. A transformational one.) Over time the ways to connect have only increased, and these days there are multiple free calls a day where it’s possible to hop on and get some blessed vibes.

Regardless of spiritual beliefs or religious affiliation (or none of the above), there is much to be gained from the teachings and meditations. As we know, meditation and prayer change neurological connections in the brain, leading to a better perception of the world. People who spend a lot of time doing one or the other show a darkening of the parietal lobe, which is where our sense of self is located. In short, the lines blur between the concept of the self and the other, and we feel more…oneness. Anyone is welcome, anytime.

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Photo by EKAM Oneness Field.

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