6 Affordable (and Beautiful) Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs

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mid century office chairs

On the hunt for new and exciting options in office chairs? Us too. When it comes to outfitting an office, the function is always going to be key. But style matters too, and there’s no reason to forgo the process of finding some good-looking office furniture. If the rest of your home or apartment is decorated with mid-century modern furniture, it makes perfect sense to continue the theme in the office as well!

While shopping for vintage furniture can be a more sustainable option, it’s also important that it be fully functional. When it comes to office chairs, they should be ergonomically friendly and comfortable to get through the workday. We’ve put together some of our favorite mid-century modern office chairs, that deliver on both practicality and style!

1. Art Leon Mid Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair

The Art Leon Mid Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair is absolutely gorgeous. The chair is upholstered with suede, and the legs are made of beechwood. The chair does not have wheels as many computer desks do, but it can swivel 360 degrees making for easy entry and exit from a desk area.

This chair is also designed with a deep seat area, creating a more comfortable place to spend the day. This mid-century modern desk chair also comes in a variety of different colors, making it a great fit for any office space.

We love the rich classy brown, but that Modern Yellow option is worth checking out too!


2. C-CHAIN Adjustable Modern Mid-Century Office Chair 

The C-CHAIN adjustable Modern mid-century office chair is just that…a more modern version of the mid-century office chair. This chair has the popular wheels that we’ve come to associate with convenient office chairs, yet it also office a stylish seat that won’t look out of place next to a more stylish desk.

This beautiful chair is made with faux leather, which covers some high-density padded cushions for ultimate comfort. The chair’s wood finished is varnished, making any necessary cleanup an easy process.

And those wheels by the way, are designed to be easy rolling, which means that they can glide over wood floors as easily as they might over a tight rug that has a bit more give.

3. Porthos Home Branson Mid-century Style Office Chair

Porthos Home has another great option in mid-century style office chairs. Meet, Branson. This chair has a padded wooden seat that’s designed to fit the curve of the body for maximum comfort. An adjustable height, 360-degree swivel, and wheels make the chair fully functional and user-friendly.

The arm-free design also looks very chic with the grey coloring. It’s the type of design that won’t be detracting from whatever else you might have on display in your office.

That fabric upholstery is also stain-resistant, so it’s easy to clean up any spills with just water and a towel. No stained office chairs here.

4. Janoray Mid Century Desk Chair

The Janoray Mid Century Desk Chair has the most simple design of the chairs we’ve mentioned thus far. The armless design spins around for easy access, and offers high precision sponge filling to give you a comfortable sitting experience.

The bottom of the chair legs have a bit of plastic to prevent the chairs from scratching the floor. (Should you start scooting around at all, which one is want to do.)

The height of the chair is equally as useable as a dining room table as a desk table, but we love the idea of keeping it chic and simple in the office.

Especially if minimal space is a consideration!


5. KINWELL Mid Century Modern Home Office Swivel Chair

The KINWELL mid-century modern home office swivel chair is essentially an armchair on wheels. Inner foam makes the seat comfortable, and armrests offer an added comfort bonus as well. This chair swivels 360 degrees and features a metal base with wheels that rotate as well.

We love the white color of this mid-century modern office chair, as it really highlights the stylish aesthetic. A chair of this design could look equally nice with a vintage style or more modern style desk.

In addition to white, the upholstery colors are also offered in blue, grey, and red…the latter of which could provide of powerful pop of color to any office. With a design so simple, there can be a lot of room to play with other options such as color.


6. J&C Furniture Light Luxury Home Office Chair

The Light Luxury home office chair from J&C Furniture is on our own shopping list. What a beauty! In addition to being taken by that gorgeous color, we love the attention to detail in the seat cushions, which just brings in a bit more visual interest to an otherwise functional chair.

The chair is upholstered with a fine velvet cloth, which means even more comfort and style than your average office chair. The legs are designed without wheels, and offer an octopus style design which helps to evenly distribute weight when the chair is in use.

This office chair simple, but high quality, and truly a beautiful example of a mid-century modern aesthetic in an office chair.

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